New Technologies Available Now

Agriculture and domestic drinking supplies are now being structured rather than stripped of their life content. The science of producing dead water for public consumption and large scale irrigation is gradually accepting more natural approaches to improved health, reduced water consumption and soil recovery. The secret nature holds for us is to be found in quantum physics, far less costly, in tune with life itself. It is the energy of water that improves the cell-to-cell communication, toxic cleansing and pathogenic proliferation.

The result is healthier water, increased energy in our foods and a more natural way of handling the toxic effects of chemical laden water. Drastically reduced is the high cost of fertilizer, reduced salinity buildup in soils, increased crop and animal production and a planet less plagued with starvation, obesity, disease and sickness. Everything is energy and balance. We are moving away from large corporate farming where fertilizers, insecticides, ammonia and lifeless food and water no longer sustain the small family farm as we move into a more productive, efficient and healthier environment more harmonious with the nature. The magic of this is public awareness in their buying habits as increasingly demand organic growing, away from large commercial suppliers, dependent on distant growing areas and into local production where possible. Gone is the need for growth hormones, and antibiotics fed to animals and birds. Gone, too, are the insecticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and the high mortality low growth rates of ammonia in confined growing operations.

We have moved with nature from chemical pollution to natural biological solutions through the selective growth of natural organisms which work with improving soil conditions, reversing sometimes many years of soil devastation. The polluting buildup of closed environmental poultry and swine operations will provide millions of tons of fresh humus for future growing operations for not only farms but enclosed growing operations, to feed the world, drastically reducing the pollution large farms and confined spaces of the poultry operations now create for the deteriorating groundwater beneath feed lots and farming areas. Growing operations will be focused on quality, as well as quantity, in their farming operations. The cattle and sheep industries will see their open range and feed lots improve the protein in their animal production.

One of the several keys to these technological improvements is the introduction of structured water devices with their biophotonic value which change, rather than eliminate, the life-giving properties of water. Another innovation, which has also, like structured water devices, been available to augment our growing techniques is bioaugmentation or the creation of micro-organisms to improve not only the sustainability of production but soil mitigation for growing a more healthy plant and midify salinity. It is also an immense help in spraying a more natural process for converting the excrement of closed environment operations from pollutant to fertilizer, replacing the use of chemical fertilizers.

Every living thing is supported by another living thing, even what farmers refer to as pests. Another improvement which is just now becoming available to a more sustainable growing operation, not only provides sustainable growing in nearly every climate but can make any geographical area completely self sufficient on produce. This is the next step up from greenhouse growing. Most of the vegetables can be harvested in as little as two weeks. No pesticides or chemicals are necessary and it requires 99% less water. Each head of lettuce requires only a gallon of water to bring it from seed to production. We are truly in the millennium of our greatest dreams, prompted by the calamity which has accumulated over the past fifty years.

Charles Hinkley