Environmental Solutions

Simplicity is the best. Growers who are moving back to natural methods are finding reduced potential for disease, increased protein productivity in both animals and crops and less cost per acre in all areas of production. The use of growth hormones in dairy cows, beef, poultry and swine is unnecessary because structuring the water and the use of micro-organisms decreases mortality, increases growth, and also decreases resulting ammonia accumulation in the barns and the need for arsenic, so dangerous to downstream residents, as a cleaning agent. All animal life will be the healthiest, disease-free, and produce the best meat by roaming free and foraging on natural grasses and seeds.

Large corporate farms are depleting the natural rainforest which is the major supplier of oxygen on the planet.

The best approach to the 21st Century farm is to become as completely independent as possible of the suppliers who specialize in the corporate farms. GMO seeds are designed to suppress the manufacture of seeds which forces dependence on the few suppliers of these seeds. It is important that farmers plant only seeds that will germinate the next crops' seeds for necessary savings. Be aware, especially those with organic labeling, if your plot is located downwind next to a corporate farm, the overspray of insecticides could lose your organic rating.

Let the dairy cows live as cows, pigs be pigs, chickens be chickens, etc., in uncrowded conditions, foraging on the seeds, grasses, insects and even some weeds which are natural to their historical evolution. There will be no need for hormones to improve their growing rates and reduce mortality. Reliance on alfalfa, corn and soy should be restricted to winter conditions as much as possible. Their water should be structured whenever possible.

The soil in crop lands should maximize permeability of the soil. This can be augmented by the introduction of microorganisms, worms and beneficial nematodes, both naturally occurring and added to the soil. The soil should foster the natural occurrence of these microorganisms for long term growth in these fields. Structuring the water in irrigation will reduce the need for commercial fertilizer quantities, increasing plant growth and oxygenating the roots.

There is a normal selective process in natural gardening which allows the healthiest plants to survive and consumes the unhealthy, returning them to the land. If we interrupt this procedure with the use of chemical insecticides, herbicides and fertilizers we will be missing the birds, bees and other beneficial predators, becoming completely dependent on the future necessity to control our crops. This not only increases the cost of the operation and lack of profitability, it decreases the brix level (a healthier plant with less insect pressure, better taste, better nutrition, and a longer shelf life).

In a natural environment there is less ammonia in the resulting excrement, no ammonia as air pollution, no need for growth hormones or antibiotics. It will be easier to foster the natural reproduction of worms, nematodes and naturally occurring organisms for soil remediation.

The naturally occurring selective process is best when working in cooperation with, rather than chemically against. In a natural world, free of large scale corporate farming, the healthiest plants survive while predators consume the decadent remains of the unhealthy or dead plants to return them as fodder for new plant growth. It is a cycle which is there when natural plant life is not interrupted by commercial growing techniques, especially those which use mono culture growing of single species covering large areas..

Mutation generally occurs in crowded conditions where excrement remains in place. Ducks have experienced bird flu for thousands, if not millions of years, where the environmental conditions do not make it a problem. Dropped into a barn with tens of thousands of chickens it mutates into something else and can eventually transform into something quite different, affect not only the chickens but even spread to surrounding area or environmental pandemonium.

Hard water is the cause of numerous maladies in humans. Water can be made softer by structuring it and salinity can be reduced with properly manufactured microorganisms. Its reduction of molecular size of the water molecule which increases hydration in gardens as well as living beings. Some of the results can be increased oxygen, biophotonic activity in the water consumed by animals, humans and plants, raising the energetic level of cell-to-call communication.

It is going to be increasingly essential the world not only raise more food but also the quality of that food for healthy populations. Vegetables with a brix level in the double digits will be crucial as most produce falls below a brix level of 4 in the supermarkets.

This is best reached through the growing of food in close proximity of consuming populations on small organic farms, tied closely to self sustainable communities. This will assure we are increasingly independent, consuming the highest nutritional value for our food under the most natural growing strategies for a healthier world.