Bringing Back The Small Farm

 The primary mission of Verity Farms is to make the family farm viable by producing naturally nutrient rich foods, a trend completely contrary to the modern agriculture approach the last few decades. The typical approach has been to utilize increasing amounts of technology in mass production on corporate farms. Agriculture practices have been revolutionized by advancement in machinery, technology making the production of farming products and food stuff far more efficient. These practices primarily concentrate on VOLUME not QUALITY.

 The definition of “quality” is subjective so it’s important to define. Verity Farms defines quality as Mother Nature’s natural nutrients. Rather than just produce quantity food stuffs, Verity foods seeks to leverage natural processes that have effectively fed people and animals for thousands of years. In the past few decades agricultural producers have generally attempted to produce increasing quantity at the expense of nature’s natural processes.

 For the modern day production model, the return to the family farm is generally believed to be a move backwards. However, we at Verity Farms disagree with this assumption. We feel that a move away from natural, nutrient rich foods is movement in the wrong direction. Farming methods that increasingly rely on chemicals and fertilizers and genetic modifications are a movement in the wrong directions… especially when there is a better way that can generate the yields required to feed the world. We believe that the family farm is the only way to ensure food quality and soil sustainability for future generations. The commitment, pride, knowledge, and effort that is necessary to return to nature’s processes are only found in those people who “live on the land” and want to see their livelihood passed on, they cannot be purchased by corporate entities.

When people buy products, there are two main factors that consumers will not tolerate and these remain true, when purchasing wholesome foods as well. Those two factors are:

1. Excessive profitability by the producers.

2. Incompetence that increases costs or reduces value.

 Verity Farms’ goal is to address both issues. First we increase the competence and viability of locally--owned Family Farms committed to nature’s way. Secondly, we monitor the profitability of those involved in the entire food chain. In essence, our modest goal is to enable the family farm to produce naturally healthy foods at a fair profit for them and at a decent price for the consumer… and do so in a way that can still produce yields that can feed the world. The corporate model of profit-driven yields allow for profitability of everyone but the family farmer in addition to sacrificing nutrition for volume.

After over 40 years of effort we have found the solution and can now achieve our goals. However, we do still face challenges. This is what we have learned during our 40 years:

 1. The Verity food processes and food products will not be able to match the lower prices of those who are just providing food stuffs through man made innovations.

 2. Our food will be superior in nutrition and overall value (although not cheaper), providing the healthy, sustainable food that people deserve.

 3. The ability to provide wholesome foods nature’s way will be difficult to duplicate and initially limited in volume.

 4. Nutrient rich foods require the unique, long-term commitment to sustainable farming methods that family farmers have demonstrated throughout the centuries (versus the profit-first motives of corporation)

 5. The added value of Verity Natural foods will initially require more investment by the consumer. However, the long-term health benefits, will be far less costly than the low priced food. The reason is fairly simple; Mother Nature provides the nutrients plants, animals and people need. Man-made modifications to food and animals, often cause unforeseen health issues and conflict with natural order.

 Based on these principles, A Verity Family Farmers support processes that are “TRUE TO THE SOURCE”, provide “TRUELY NATURAL FOODS”, and do it with efficiencies, volume demanded and value deserved by the consumer.

 ©2012 Verity Farms LLC