Breaking A Grid Locked Intestinal Environment 

Life is related to the transformation of one mineral into another through a process called transmutation.

Transmutation takes place in the intestinal tract and liver in animals and in humans. This is electron energy which is released through water exhibiting high Bio Photon and micro clustered water molecules along with microbes and enzymes. Without this form of energy, transmutation is not as likely to take place and display vitality to orchestrate itself to the optimum.

Transmutation needs to take place in the intestinal tract and liver for health is a manifestation of a microbial fiesta in these areas. When one drinks chlorinated water in any manner, an energy imbalance is created which causes microbes to mutate into pathogenic life forms. The result of this energy shift is a slow down of metabolic activity in the intestinal tract and liver which displays a loss of digestion and vitality.

This upsets the micro flora and changes the terrain of the intestinal tract to an anaerobic environment. Beneficial bacteria cannot live in an anaerobic environment so they forfeit their terrain to pathogenic life forms which colonize and the result is sickness. Sickness results from toxic waste build-up (undigested foods), hormone imbalance and even drug therapy causing oxidation to form free radicals (unstable toxic compounds). Uncontrolled oxidation is nothing more than putting stress and disease into fast forward.

Animals and humans under stress and poor vitality are in an energy gridlock. They are unable to neutralize negative energy fields and to work to free positive energy through nutrition. Stress and poor vitality produce an abundance of negative energy.

Did You Know? Negative compounds and contaminants are found in most water supplies. Common practice is chlorination. Here are some facts about chlorination; Chlorine starves inorganic pathogens and attaches on to organic compounds to produce chemicals like chloroform and tetrachloride’s which are potential carcinogens (cancer causing) Chlorine causes 4-5% decline in body water which results in a 20-30% decline in mineral metabolism.

Cited references: FDA council on environmental quality, Dr. Allen Bonik NCSU, Dr. Schwartz (Biological Chemist-Cumberland college) Dr. Carlson-University Minnesota), New York Times Guide To Health. The Water Structuring unit breaks a grid locked intestinal environment to boost vitality. It returns water back to its original state with bio photon energy and micro clustered to hydrate cell tissues and assist transformation of minerals in the body called transmutation.