Feeding Self-Sufficiency Rather Than Dependency

The resolution to global starvation is not to improve distribution, or to remove the profit motive. We don't need a world government to divert the food that would feed the population more equitably, although that could be a short-term decision. It is not enough to feed the hungry with fish. We must teach them to be anglers. Food can be grown in concentrated areas to provide the dietary needs of individual communities. This is the solution to world hunger, not massive shipments of food to distant locations. The Peace Corps was a good start. If expanded it could provide the vehicle to begin such a worldwide project. During Word War II many back yard vegetable gardens flourished.

Lack Of Minerals In Our Food

You don't have to study a book on nutrition to discover how you should eat, although it does help to know the basic foods that add the proper fuels for your body in optimum condition. Your body will always tell you when minerals are lacking. If you are suffering from gout, arthritis, malaise, headache, tummy ache, sore tendons, or muscles, don't reach for the pillbox or chemical vitamins and minerals, ask your body what it needs. As we said earlier, research has proven the body cannot assimilate chemical vitamins. It talks to you in the only way it knows and eventually forces you to listen — through pain. Toxins are accumulative and one may not notice their effects until later years when they manifest themselves as a debilitating disease.

Everyone should be as active and healthy in their seventies and eighties as they were in their forties and fifties. The lack of proper food and the additives we eat during our earlier years can impair our health. Every cell in our body is completely replenished every eleven months. We can constantly live in a new physical body when we no longer pollute ourselves through bad diet and negative thinking. Mental, as well as physical health is directly influenced by diet.

Years ago an experiment was made in a primary school by letting the children eat whatever and as much as they wanted. They found the children loaded up on ice crème and other deserts the first day, bypassing the vegetables. However, gradually they shifted off the fattening and sugary foods and were soon eating a balanced diet, all without any direction outside themselves. This natural selection process lessons as children become adults.

Studies show malnutrition is probably the prime cause of criminal behavior. Morgan Spurlock’s documentary, Super Size Me demonstrates the results of dependency on junk foods. Spurlock, a healthy man with a healthy diet, during a period of thirty days gained 25 pounds and developed health problems that took him six months to overcome. This film has had a profound effect on many young people. Brain chemistry and function can be influenced by a single meal. The better the diet, the better our mental health.

Individuals and entire peoples degenerate rapidly when their diet changes from natural whole foods, from fertile soils to refined and nutrient-deficient foods of modern societies. The mercurial rise in our crime rates, degeneration of our education system and moral fiber of those involved in white-collar crimes has been directly proportional to our conversion to chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The violence in the nineties in Rwanda and other African nations is directly related to the inability to produce food on arable land.