Revitalizing the Soil

Now in the soil itself and going into, let's say, hardened soil and breaking down that with the structured water devices, what is the process there that opens up that soil and then carries the proper magnesium and calcium ratio down to the root of the plant?

 In hard pan soil structured water enhances the caloric capacity, the energy. That's how it relates to all the microorganisms that are in the soil or even if they generate microorganism like, you know, like with the mitigators, the soil mitigator. It turns on that biology again because of thermoconductivity or heat transfer. That's actually the potential energy or specific heat which is caloric capacity of every water molecule that's involved. It's just like when you get a freeze – because it dissipates heat. When you look at a cell – when you look at a plant, what do you look at? It retains, it has cells. When you look at an animal, what is it's life source? It's cells. When you look at a human being, what are the life sources? The cells. It all relates to the cells in the body to make up the tissues, to make up the organs. When you turn that life support system on, you generate so much life to it, it naturally is going respond in a big way like the salinity mitigator (a microbiotic product) mixing it, for instance, and mixing it and taking it through the structuring units.

It's a combination of the two that are a real marriage to each other because of what it does. It transports that energy into the inner cell itself, where it has to take place. Because remember, those cells are always enlarging, they're always dividing.

 To get that form of energy and to get that nutrition — the frequencies of the nutrition that those cells need in the first place — the cells rely on that nutrition, even before they can even communicate. If they don't have that nutrition, the cells just die prematurely. And the same thing takes place in soils. I mean to break up hard pans you need the biological energy in the soils to break up hard pan. How does it do that? It has to rely on a source of energy. That comes through the water or it even comes through liquid fertilizers that water is involved in there that turns on those those protein levels – no different than the immune system in a body.

 This is why cut flowers last longer, because of the energy and the heat and also you can germinate later in the season if you use a structured water.
 You know, people say, "Well, in every case where they put the structured units, they've always seen the somatic cell count drop in dairy cows. Somatic cell is formed from a bacteria but somatic cell actually is a fevered cell, a sick cell. A sick cell thrives and that's how the somatics of it keep building on these and they generate more sick cells in the body, for instance, in the udders of dairy cows and then it ends up in the milk, and if the somatic cell count gets up too high they have to dump the milk. It's no good because it's actually fevered cells within the milk. If they hydrate they’re seeing it lower because it can dissipate heat. When you dissipate heat, you disallow those cells from becoming fevered because you’re loading them up with energy from the water and the oxygen. And that oxygen, then creates more oxidation in there and when you create more oxidation in the presence, you rob the electrons and if the bacteria doesn't have electrons, the bacteria dies.

 But this is also an explanation to these people that say, "Well how does it do it? And why does it do it and I want to try and see the tests," and so forth. This is the answer to all of that.
 If you want to put a number one key, the key to the elimination of the process of premature cell death goes back to the key of hydration. That's the key to practically every malady in the body — dehydration. Two time winner of the nobel prize, Linus Pauling, stated, minerals is the missing link to optimum wellness and you can trace every disease in the body to a deficiency of a mineral in the body.

Well, if you have a mineral deficiency of any element in the body, that deficiency comes due to dehydration. Because every mineral has a frequency of its own that relates to the cellular metabolism in the body in the first place. You can trace every disease in the body, every disease in a plant that contains cells every known disease to a deficiency in the body, a mineral deficiency is the biggest thing that you see – and this goes back right back to when they started GMO grains. I studied the GMO seeds in the feedstuffs. I looked at the ash content ion these GMO grains from years back up until today and by the process of elimination the ash content is the minerals which have been depleted not only from the soils but they've been depleted because of the glyphosates that are cutting off these pathways in the plant. Well that's the meridians in the plant.

 Dr. Gearson's great-grandson was stating in a documentary that the GMO, or at least one of its main purposes is because Monsanto seeks to be the only seed supplier in the world. They have designed into the seeds something that's not even talked about which prevents it from germinating, so the farmer who depends on that seed will have to buy his seeds for replanting rather than saves their seeds as most of them, particularly the organic growers do. This alteration within the seed does the same thing within the human body.

It's not so much that the actually residual from which is in the it is the residual frequency of that genetically modified seed that lies within the body. That’s the importance going back to every molecule of water that you take into your body – that's the importance of how that molecule is taken into the body, in what form. Is it in the form of reverse osmosis? Is it in the form of distilled? Is it in the form of tap water? You know, everybody thinking that water was water is far from the big picture because water is the most important – it's the primary nutrient besides oxygen and there's no other –that it can take the back seat to. It's number one.

 With R/O, you're talking about hungry water. It will detoxify the body but, in the long term, it's going to start removing exactly what you're trying to build up in the body.

 When you increase the energy levels that goes down to what is called the xylems and the phloems in the plant. Well that's the critical places of the plant. It’s like the elevators. It is the meridians of the plant, in the plant stem. It is the meridians that carry the nutrients to and carry the growth and exuberates everything from when you take food into the body but some place that food has to be expelled out of the body in the form of waste. it's no different in a plant or tree.

 If you were going to raise animals today, you've need to go back to the soils that the food is grown on that's going to feed those animals for a healthy environment, for a healthy animal. But it all begins, going back, right to the soils, and those soils carry residuals of everything it's been in contact with over the years, just like in the organic market, they say that you have to have three years of soils that are chemical free. But, does that mean that they're chemical-free? No. Absolutely not. To meet their criteria – but does it mean there's more nutrition? Yeah, there's more nutrition but does it mean it's chemical residual free?

No. It takes a lot more than three years. We don't know how many years it would take. It might go beyond our lifetime. It's just a process that they have set up, a national organic program to meet their criteria but is it? it does not mean that just because that soil was chemical free for three years? You will see an increase in the ash content and nutrient content, the utilization of it into the plant but does that mean that there's no chemical residual frequency from chemical residual, that it's totally free? Absolutely not.

 Some organic growers are having limited legal success in lawsuits they have brought against large neighbor growers whose insecticide spraying has caused damage to their ability to maintain their organic ratings and are forced to again leave their fields open for three years to regain their organic status. Federal courts are now beginning to recognize their losses.

Transcrip taken from taped conversation between Gordy Jordahl and Charles Hinkley in April of 2012.