{jcomments on}Cleansing our Planet

 One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh, but the earth is forever.

-Book of Ecclesiastics

The planet is merely an outer reflection of our inner selves. To cleanse it we begin by purifying ourselves. We begin by changing our perspective and assuming personal responsibility for change. The cleanliness and order of the streets and sidewalks, the way traffic moves, the way our cities are built and the level of prosperity all directly reflect the citizens of any community.

Government maintains power by either condescendence or endorsement. The fall of the Marcos regime in the Philippines in a bloodless revolution, with bare hands pitted against countless tanks and guns, proves a dictatorship, no matter how powerful, remains in power only by the mandate of its people.

Once the populous is convinced it does not want to be ruled by those in charge and is convinced it has the power to remove it, that government will change or cease to rule. Pollution, acid rain, carbon monoxide, diseases, toxic waste, nuclear dangers, war, drugs, alcohol, poor nutrition haunt our nation. Government debt, wars, and eroded freedoms are the outer reflections of our collective selves.

Each of us contributes in some way to their existence. Every time we step on the gas or turn up the heat we are mini-Exxons. Are we willing to separate trash, bury garbage, grow our own food, eliminate harmful foods, quit smoking, wait in line for smog inspections on our vehicles, take the bus rather than drive, refrain from the use of plastics and Styrofoam cups, go on a diet, and a hundred other "little" sacrifices that could make a big difference? We all own a piece of the rock we call pollution.

We help build it. We help maintain it. In order to remove the rock, each of us must take away our little pieces. Apathy and prejudice are the wellsprings of pollution. Are we overcoming our prejudices? How do we feel about homosexuality or abortion? What opinions do we who consider ourselves New Age have of the Fundamentalists or vice-versa? Have those who lived through pain and tribulation of the Holocaust forgiven those who participated in it?

If you are black, have you begun to understand and forgive those who so blindly and blatantly tried to hold you "in your place"?  Each of which they pontifically claimed were ordained by the Holy Bible and their Christian faith.

We all have held "those people" in contempt or mistrust, which were richer than us, superior in knowledge, had mistreated us, and deprived us of our goals. Each of these thoughts or feelings is another brick in the wall of hate, bigotry, and misunderstanding which mocks the meaning of love. Isn't the root of the killing in Ireland, Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Bosnia, Somalia, and Sudan based on our mistrust and fear of another's beliefs?

When we realize what we contribute by our thoughts and actions - the little things we do to add to or take away from what we consider not right on earth - we begin to cleanse the planet. Peace is not attained by giant leaps, but with the first small step from within, then another.

The world has experienced phenomenal growth in the past 100 years. We are now six-and-a-half billion inhabitants and future population can be expected to be an exponential explosion. Industry has expanded with resulting pollution. It has created havoc with our life-support systems. Our air is fouled. Oceans are polluted almost to the point of no return. Acid rain is killing forests and sterilizing lakes and rivers.

The water we drink is almost exhausted, what little is left is becoming non-potable. Our arable lands are endangered. Two brutal world wars and a few lesser ones should make the entire human race hide its head in shame for the inhumanities committed for what was purported to be worthy causes.

We are at the brink of an age of intuition and non-violence, which whispers at our door to enter. It petitions us to let it be a partner in our destiny, reach out and take its hand, for it is the leap into the void where understanding becomes wisdom, intuition becomes our governess, and thinking must result in action.

Eliminating Fuels

The first disorder we need to eliminate is the burning of fossil fuels. These diminishing reserves are being utilized in a wasteful manner. They would be much more beneficial to us as a carbon source for the building of homes.

Our nerve centers are giving us signals. It's like loud static interrupting our favorite music station. It blocks healthy signals, promoting the growth of tumors and undermining our disease-fighting ability. This can cause fatigue, irritability, neck aches, cramps, and stress reactions. Unused electrical wall plugs and sockets radiate as much as 16 times the earth's currents. The magnetic pulses are cumulative, causing long-term effects in the respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, cerebrospinal, and immune systems. Three hundred to three thousand times more of this electromagnetic pollution is in the average home than in an open-air rural area.

The electrical power companies have suppressed most of this information due to active propaganda. Research points out the high incidence of cancer exists in areas of power transmitters, high voltage electrical power lines, radar installations found at airports, high power visual and audio transmitters and satellite equipment.

Experiments on animal organs have shown negative effects on cell growth with as little as one Gauss (the measure used for the strength of magnetism), Some common household appliances have an AC current which is 500 times the level suggested as unhealthy. A hair dryer emits as much as 50 times that of earth pulsations and is directed at your brain, only inches away.

Gordy Jordhal