Moving Into the 21st Century

Beware when the Great God lets loose a thinker on this planet.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-82)

 We now have the seeds of an exponential explosion of technical transformation, which will revolutionize our thinking. The scientific community is beginning to slowly remove its nose from the peanut they have been so adamantly pushing toward its limited goal. The Administration has picked this up and leaped into the void of universal thought by means of the panic surrounding the economic collapse. Revamping the education system is an integral part of the $700 billion Stimulus Package. Flying, space travel, men on the moon and probing satellites on distant planets have removed the self-imposed restraints of intuitive thought.

 A quantum leap in thought-evolution will be accomplished through the achievement of thought-activated computers. Information is both accessed and stored in the brain in matrix format. Logical formatted thinkers access this information and array it sequentially. The intuitive thinker does not align his or her information in linear sequential form. Information is received, stored, and retrieved in matrices. These are the daydreamers who seem at times to be unfocused and who many times find themselves locked out of society.

As children they are often diagnosed as A.D.D. and A.D.H.D., their busy minds and bodies numbed by a society-imposed myriad of drugs. In the work world they are the computer systems analysts, abstract artists, inventors and world futurists. In persona they are the Leonardo da Vinci's, Einstein's, Buckminster Fuller's, Jesuse's, Buddha's, Confuciuse's, Plato's and many others who stand out above their peers in accomplishments. None of these men felt they were particularly exceptional, and none really were.

Their contribution was their ability to translate the genius we all possess into linear form to the understanding of their contemporaries and later generations. This is what attracted the youth to the voting booths as Independents in the 1988 election. This is neither red nor blue, Democrat or Republican, Conservative or Liberal. This is the march into the void that will carry us into the future.

 Today's computers are a breakthrough in linear technology and have helped us reach outer planets. Thought-activated computers take our thoughts in their original form, put them into an electronic memory system, then translate them into linear form for engineers and physicists, carrying us into inter-dimensional science and accelerated quantum physics. No longer will the intuitive be stymied by their inability to externalize their knowledge due to matrix-to-linear barriers. We are moving into mind-to-mind, mind-to-computer and computer-to-mind communication. Sophisticated search engines put billions of pieces of information from the Internet at our fingertips, available to anyone with a computer or library card. Data on almost everything imaginable from every part of the globe comes to us unedited and uncensored.

 A good beginning in non-linear processing has begun with Google, Yahoo, and other search engines that convert our linear questions into complex formulas to display a minimum of possible answers among millions of documents accessed throughout the entire global connection. This is the state-of-the-art process that sorts through millions of public accessed ideas, suggestions and concerns funneled into and brings change to government. This has never been done before. This is what Obama meant when he said, “This is not about me. It is about you.” It only works with an enlightened active participating public. We are the change we seek in Washington.

 We don't have to struggle to dislodge technological formulas that can cleanse the planet, feed the world, and bring about peace. We already have them when we take our minds off self-serving material possessions, release unsatisfying beliefs and reach out for the world in peace, joy, and total acceptance.

 The geniuses are here and are not self-serving. They want to give to the planet. Each of us is one of them and we came in with our unique passion for life, as well as the technical genius required to implement it. Our purpose in life is to connect this with those who can join with us in our individual piece of the puzzle and support a greater vision. It is called ‘The Law of Attraction’. Nationally and worldwide we must make drastic changes in our priorities and concerns so financial support will be there.

Does the military really protect us or does over-reliance on it entangle us in endless conflict? Does our money spent on education, which is the very master key to our collective future during increased globalization, bring about increased enlightenment or does it lock the children up until they can be on their own? Does the money spent on welfare meet the temporary need of a few and nurture them back to health or is it squandered on making the disadvantaged unemployable and creating employment for its overseers? Are subsidies and other support programs really helping those in need or do the greedy use these resources for their own benefit?

 How much of the money put into agencies meant to serve the people end up in large buildings, furnishings, administrators, investigators, travel and other expenditures, communication, computers, record-keeping, and counseling? Less than 15% of the money allocated to welfare gets distributed to its intended recipients.

The rest goes to overhead. Is it true 100% of our income tax, as some have claimed, goes to the military and foreign aid? The rest of government income comes from other sources. The money expended on these bloated programs could help the world feed itself, bring about the inventions needed to desalinate, develop smog-free energy sources, elemental mining technology, re-forestation. We would be eliminating the very reasons we fight wars. Wars come from greed, fear that creates distrust. 

We don’t have to bring forth the technical genius of the world. We just have to get out of its way.

 Charles Hinkley