Saving the Rainforest May Save Us

Although the Amazonis an endless wall-to-wall of green forests, pharmaceutical companies have known for years there are healing plants within that forests that will reverse nearly every illness in the world. It is not in the property of these plants, but in the energy which they produce that energy is constantly changing and it is in the constant evolvement of that plant that produces its healing qualities. Everything in the body is energy, every mineral, every enzyme, the photonic energy which is within the plant itself. This is what elevates the cell- to-cell communication which the body uses to maintain itself.


This is compromised by our modern living. A young Colombian related to me that his sistera nurse, noticed a friend of his was suffering from syphilis. He related this to his friend and the friend said he had been to every doctor available taken everything that was possible but no prescription had been able to make a dent on his infected body. Knowing there was a tree in the Amazon which could cure syphilis he told him he was taking a trip into the Amazon and would bring him back a plant. He brought back a plant his friend was almost immediately healed of the syphilis. 25% of Western pharmaceuticals are derived from the rainforest ingredients but scientists have only tested 1% of tropical trees and plants.

The forest still holds many secrets which could be very valuable to our health and our future. It remains an untapped healing richness. The rainforests give us the herbs to treat or cure inflammation, rheumatism, diabetes, muscle tension, surgical complications, malaria, heart conditions, skin diseases, arthritis, glaucoma and hundreds of other maladies.

The forest still holds many secrets which could be very valuable to our health and our future. It remains an untapped healing richness. The rainforests give us the herbs to treat or cure inflammation, rheumatism, diabetes, muscle tension, surgical complications, malaria, heart conditions, skin diseases, arthritis, glaucoma and hundreds of other maladies. The US Cancer Institute has identified 3000 plants that are active ingredients against cancer cells of which 70% come from the rainforest. It is unfortunate most indigenous in the Amazon rai forest are no longer aware of the healing properties of the plants that surround them because the intergenerational linkage has been broken. We have barely touched the potential of the economic potential of the rainforest and reasonable alternatives to a troubled medical system.

The Amazon is not conducive to large truck farming. The topsoil at the base of the trees is paper-thin. In other words, the trees and everything in the Amazon lives off the interrelationship they share in that forest, the thick tree growth, the birds, insects, birds and animals. The natives learned this thousands of years ago. They generally carve out a small piece of land, build their huts and ceremonial locations for 3 to 5 years, and then move on. The small barren area left behind the forest quickly regenerates. It cannot do this in larger concentrations of either farming, mining or living. This is why it is so valuable to have the partnerships that are formed between foreign nations and native tribes. They welcome the new technology available to them by the partnership, for the most part.

But economic conditions are starving the young tribes and many of the young end up going to larger cities to live in the slums. With good partnerships the children participate in the harvesting of the plants. Their desires are very simple but extremely profound. When “Amazon” John Easterling asked them what they would like they requested shortwave solar radio communication so they could communicate with their neighbors. Many of them now share their experience via laptop computers. Even their grandchildren and great-grandchildren will live in the forest as they always have with the same surroundings they always have. Otherwise they are forced to sell out to lumber and mining operations which leaves them in poverty.

Large commercial farms have killed small farming. The natives are forced to wander the jungles searching for their next meal. They have lost the connection with the healing plants of their rainforest.

Our war on drugs has actually created a war with drugs. We we have never learned that force always creates a counterforce the effect of which polarises rather than unifies. We have funded the war on drugs rather than supporting the small farms and transportation which could not only defeat this blight on the world but the betterment of not only the indigenous of the Amazon, the Amazon itself, and the well-being of the lives of the natives which have lived there for thousands of years, and furthermore the health of the world's people.

The natives’ only options are to cut wood, leave the village to live in slums, plant coca leaves for drug cartels, compete with overfished waters, and deal with the contamination from mining and cattle grazing, oil and lumber industries. Many have no option but to either plant coca or sell their forest to the lumber companies, cattle or mining companies.

Our U.S. AID has been limited to helicopters and new brigades for Colombia's army and navy. They have trained 15,000 military employees. Hundreds now are under private contract personnel in (Haliburton, etc.). Their employment consists of trainers, intelligence gatherers, spray pilots and mechanics. Since 1996, U.S. pilots have sprayed herbicides over more than a million acres of Colombian territory.

The rainforests of Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Ecuador and Panama have great value to our interrelated future for the people of the rainforest. This has brought about an amazing turn of events, our growing need for alternative cures will help preserve the rainforest during this critical time. The health crisis in the United States has brought about the 4th largest cause of death, properly prescribed prescription drugs. Alongside that is a decreasing effectiveness of antibiotics.

The rainforests furnish 80% of our oxygen, yet 50% of those forests have already been destroyed. By 2020 we estimate that 80 to 90% will have been destroyed. There are still over 200,000 species of plants, but only 2 to 3% of been studied for therapeutic purposes — and on top of that, one 3rd of our pharmaceutics. Rainforest once covered 14% of the Earth's land surface now they cover a mere 6% percent.

Better solutions:

1 small farm production of medicinal herbs.

2 transportation for rain forest products.

3 reduce the demand in the United States for drugs.

4 Land reform and populist leaders.5 promote tourism.

6 train people on creative conflict resolution rather than military conflict.

7 partner with indigenous peoples and farmers.

8 enter cooperation toward our common goals.

The only options to this for the indigenous and farmers are:

1. Cut wood for boats.

 2. Leave the village to live in the slums in large cities.

3. plant coca leaf for drug cartels.

4. complete with overfished waters, contamination from mining, cattle grazing, oil and lumber industry.

5. Sell forest rights to lumber, cattle or mining companies.

The indigenous have sustained themselves for thousands of years by burning small areas where they live 3 to 5 years, then move and the forest will regrow in a few years. There is no loss of value for the previous biodiversity. They rain forest is not suitable for growing sugar cane for biofuels was sugarcane needs an occasional drought available in the state of Bahia.

Amazon John EasterlingLeslie Taylor and many others have followed Nicole Maxwell's dream to a new paradigm for balancing the growing health needs of the world. The lifestyle needs of the indigenous people and environmental sustainability of the rainforest. John's company now partners with some 14 rainforest communities, which has saved over 300,000 acres of rainforest,. As health demands increase in the rest of the world more tribes can enter into this type of partnership, saving even more rainforest land, which would otherwise be despoiled by the cattle, fishing, mining and lumber industries. As each community is added to the partnership many plants are added to the records with species not available in previously documented communities. As this industry expands, others are pursuing this model, gradually saving a good portion of the Amazon while healing the world.

Although it is been known for many years the value of the plants of the rainforest, this industry was given a real boost by Dr. Nicole Maxwell, a naturopathic physician, who went to the rainforests in Ecuador in 1947. Deep in the forest she fell and cut herself badly with the machete. Her indigenous guide immediately ran to a tree, chopped open a vine on the tree which oozed a red sap. He gave her a drink and applied on the injured area. The arm healed almost immediately and healed very rapidly with no scars.

Dr Nicole Maxwell - Natureopathic Physician

Witch Doctor's Apprentice

 She returned in 1958 to spend the next 12 years documenting plants. She gained confidence of the tribes and extracted information from them. She knew that each healer was like a walking encyclopedia and the information he possessed would be lost to the world if it was not passed to the sealer. She said it was like burning a library. She shared her information with John Easterling and later returned to the rain forest with him while she was in her nineties.

Amazon John Easterling had been importing many of the crafts of the indigenous, and had a close relationship with several of these tribes. He had hepatitis C that compromised his liver and arrived on one trip barely able move. The natives made him a tea and soon he was healed of many years of fighting that illness. As his business, Amazon herbs, expands the harvesting expands to the neighboring tribes which offer other healing herbs that grow in their particular area. Amazon John
Another early leader in discovering and reviewing the power of the plants in the Amazon was Leslie Taylor. She had cancer and she was researching alternative AIDs and cancer therapies in Europe. She founded the Raintree company to make this available to the world. She catalogued over 100 healing plants in her book and on the Internet, Herbal Secrets of the Amazon.

The rainforest value to the world is:

1. It provides a natural alternative to prescription drugs and antibiotics.

2. Helps the indigenous support themselves in the same sustainable lifestyle they've enjoyed for thousands of years.

 3. Helps preserve the rainforest for us during this critical time. It affects the air we breathe, the health we enjoy, and once lost cannot be retrieved.

 As a business the sustainable use of rainforest land is more profitable than any of its present uses:

 Used as Cattle culture that can produce $60 per year per acre.

Used for timber harvesting it can provide $400 per year per acre.

Both of these leave behind devastation and long-term destruction. However, the harvesting of medicinal plants can bring $2500 per year per acre for the natives who live on the land.

Over 200,000 acres of rainforest are burned every day. The Amazon which represents over half of the remaining rainforest on Earth is mostly in Brazil. It also contains 20% of all the world's freshwater.