Verity Farms Water Revitalization Projects 

My name is Gordon Jordahl and I work in the field of water physiology. I have studied the Puzzles of Water for nearly 30 years. 

In these later years it has become obvious that our awareness of water is still in the 'passive phase'. Although we depend on this precious resource to live, we have not fully understood the mysteries and importance of the role water plays in our health well enough to take active steps to preserve or enhance its quality, until now.

Scholars and medical experts in many nations are finally paying attention to the fact that our health can be greatly improved simply by drinking water. What amazes researchers is the health value of one very special type of water they call “structured” water. Structured Water is a special type of water found naturally in every cell, of every life form, on this planet as well as in rain. In actuality, our bodies cry out for structured water.

Rain water is the best natural source of structured water. Its value in crops is well known and researchers are beginning to understand its value in the treatment of illnesses, many of which can actually be treated by hydrating with structured water. 

In research trials it became very clear that structured water had a major influence on the life and shape of every cell; not to mention it contains a spark of life beneficial to every biological event in the body.
Effective water structuring produces high blood solubility, increased blood flow and higher oxygen delivery to all extremities because of a higher Bio Photon Energy which

is a molecular light energy emission needed to regulate cell growth, cell regeneration and to control and enhance all biological processes.

Highly Structured Water is the key to manifesting life and health as we know it and it has been a complex subject of study. Years of in depth research are uncovering the essential background influence of water to increase health benefits in humans, plants and animals. 

 Highly Structured water helps sustain healthier and longer life even in cut flowers. 

Conditioned Unconditioned

Turkeys - In 2010-2011 there were numerous research trials put in motion to test the efficacy of structured water and what influence it had on feed conversions. 

Poultry Operations - Commercial poultry clients report consistent increases in overall Broiler Health. 

Swine - In 2011 structured water units, from Verity Farms, were installed on a large gestation, lactation facility in South Dakota. 

Corn - In 2010-2011 structuring units, were used in recorded corn plot trials in S.D. and IA. The units were used by incorporating liquid

nutrient blends through the units at pre and post emergence. The results were consistent at both locations showing nearly a 20 bushel/acre increase versus the plots that received the liquid nutrient blends without the Water Conditioning unit from Verity Farms.

Many such trials have been conducted as well as use of the units on large agricultural planting equipment, crop spray equipment and Pivot irrigation systems servicing over 30,000 acres just in South Dakota alone.

The results remain consistently positive with yield increases between 20 and 40 bushels per acre. Increased Brix levels (sugars and mineralization values in plants) is also noted in all cases when studied with a Reflectometer. Another consistent increase noted: in all case is the seed germ in Seed Crops runs consistently 20% to 40% higher than national averages when tested by accredited agricultural laboratories.

Alfalfa - A commercial alfalfa cutting company used Water Conditioners, while foliar feeding.

A full scale result analysis was recorded to show the influence structured water has on the feed value of alfalfa. Hands down, the alfalfa grown with the assistance of structured water reflected the highest quality, gains in yields and significantly higher feed value earning $250.00 per ton.


In 2011, at a high producing central S.D. dairy farm consisting of a herd of 500 Holsteins, structured water units from Verity Farms proved themselves again with increased milk production.

Organic Greenhouse Production

Happy Hydros installed 1 for their Tomato and Head Lettuce operation. Since the installation, they have reported an increase in organic Tomato production of greater than 9000 lbs, year to date, over last year’s production.

 There has been a significant decrease in instances of vegetable diseases such as Molds, Blights, Powdery Mildew and the complete elimination of typical molds and algae growth in their irrigation systems.


This same facility grows organic head lettuce which respond to the water conditioning in increased maturity rates of Organic Head Lettuce by 3 to 5 days.


G. Jordahl - Water Physiologist for Verity Farms